Saturday, 30 April 2011

James's portfolio begins...

This summer I am helping a good friend of mine build his portfolio. Next summer we hope to move near London - where we will both become largely wealthy and incredibly successful, of course.

My uncle has a lot of antique stuff. He used to co-own the Auction House on the Isle of Man, so of course it was like a gold mine at his house.

I'm going to be shooting James a lot over summer as we work on his portfolio. I probably won't post every shoot we do because I don't want it to be overkill, but I'll be sure to post the link to the finished product when it's complete. For now, this is another picture we did - my first night shoot - a week or so ago:

These were actually shot across different days. The original concept I had was that part 1 would be set inside and part 2 outside. We shot part 1 on Monday and part 2 on Wednesday, but when I got to editing, both parts didn't go together side by side so well, so I've decided to keep them seperate.

Ps the sun glare in all the photos from part 2 is genuine

                    Part 1:

                    My dog wouldn't leave us alone, so we decided to let him in on it!

                    Part 2:

                       I like this one, below.
                       If James isn't the face of a huge fashion campaign one day,
                       it will be the biggest injustice ever!

                               And this last one seems to be the most well-received so far -