Thursday, 30 June 2011

Blog catch up: Lauren

Due to my terrible internet restricting me from uploading images to most sites recently, I've a huge back catalogue of pictures to show you. It's now working so expect a fair few posts over the next few days.

These pictures are of my friend Lauren - or Laa - taken in May.

                    And below is a screencap from some video I did from this shoot. It's for my
                    behind-the-scenes video which I'm going to put together after my current video project
                    is over and done with!


SOUL: a short brief

So this summer I wanted to make a short film. Basically, I wanted to try my hand at video and put together a small project as a means of practice - before later working on a 'proper' video.

I am going to do a big blog post on my upcoming video - entitled 'Soul,' - once it is released, explaining a bit about it and why I did what I did etc. So in that sense I don't want to give too much away here; I've resisted showing any part of it to ANYONE besides my friend who is featured in it.

It was originally supposed to be filmed over the course of a day or two, but we got so into it that we didn't manage to finish it in the 2 days we originally put aside. I began to want to do it properly rather than rush it, so more effort went into it than first intended.

My reasoning of this video is that you think of it as a series of 'moving images,' almost, as opposed to a film. It has a concept (that I will keep to myself until the video is made public) and four different chapters, with the scenes being inspired by the concept.

So in other words, don't take it too seriously. I hope you like it, because a lot of effort went into it, but when judging it please remember it is my first ever video project and also merely a warm-up to a second video project I hope to do later this year, which will largely have a narrative behind it.

The video should be out over the next few days, I hope. Probably by the end of the week. For now, here's all the promotional pictures, including some I haven't posted anywhere else yet. Enjoy.