Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Deer in the Woods

The first time I caught sight of Suzanna, I knew straight away the idea 
we would shoot if she agreed to model for me. 
I wanted to have her effectively embodying the character of a deer. I like to use ideas as loose concepts rather than taking them in a literal form, just to help the flow and to inspire how we move through the shoot rather than 'striking poses' as such. 
Deers are graceful, elegant, fragile and dignified. With her long, long legs she suited it perfectly. 

I also thought she looked great with her hair up, and the timing of this shoot fell conveniently in line with the fact I was in negotiations with a local hair salon, having requested if they could provide hair styling for any of my upcoming shoots. Through a friend, I met the wonderful Lisa from Studio 1 Hair and Nail Salon. She is a complete professional and an expert at what she does, so if you like what you see in these pictures get in touch with her!

Her salon is based in Douglas, Isle of Man. The official Facebook page - complete with contact details - can be found here:

This was one of my favourite shoots in a while - hope you like.

    A few 'behind the scenes' pictures, below, detailing the transition from start to finish.

The end product!


Monday, 26 September 2011

Joshua at the Reservoir

This is a shoot with another of my new summer models. His name is Joshua and for now this was just a test run. Rather than wait until Christmas to have the chance to shoot, I decided a spontaneous thing was better than passing up the chance. I'm happy with the results even if they're not too adventurous, so come Christmas break you can expect to see more exciting pictures of him.


Thursday, 8 September 2011

At the Mines: The disposables

For this shoot I decided to do something I'd been meaning to do for the longest time, and get involved with using disposables. A lot've people hold the opinion that a great photographer is resourceful and thinks about the image in front of their eyes, as opposed to someone with the mindset of "I can fix that in Photoshop later," so with these images that's exactly what you get. All of them are straight from the £3 disposable camera they were taken on.

I love the gritty, grainy and generally poor quality of disposables as well as the colour. The way these have turned out has inspired me to - finally - start using disposables more, so watch this space. I've even set up a folder for them on my site, which I'll be adding to later. Take a look, near the bottom:

For now, this was mostly just me trying it out and seeing how the results turned out, so don't take them too seriously; besides, the majority are just off-the-cuff shots as we were walking.

Having said that, I do love this one, below. I can't believe it came up so well, the colours and
contrast I think are brilliant.

The walk back up. The mine we shot at is sunken below the gravel you can see at the left of the photo.

Many breaks were had, it has to be said!

Had to crop this one, as the picture has seemingly malfunctioned. The print version is fine, but a couple of the photos on the CD are useless. Boots photo lab you have an unhappy customer coming your way...

... a killer!