Friday, 4 March 2011

Arrival of my D90!

So my new camera arrived today, seriously exciting times. Just been out around town testing it out. Not taken pictures of anything too special, but I've arranged a shoot for Monday, which will be my first time 'properly' using it. Shooting with a girl I've been dying to shoot again for ages, it's been around a year since our last. Also been messing about with video, hoping to move into short films soon. Came across a new location on the way home from town too, so all's good right now!

Here are a few of the pics from today, hope you like, and look out for the pics on Monday.

                                                                    Through the glass

Byram Arcade

Myself, taken by Kano

                                                                   Myself, taken by Sian

                                                                 Ornament, DAIS Boutique

                                                            Kano, a man of many mysteries

                                                   DAIS Boutique, 2nd Floor Byram Arcade

                       Joe, who you may recognise from some of my pictures, an all round awesome guy


                                                                         Town, sunlit

                                                                     Midges on the river