Friday, 10 February 2012

First Film shoot

These are the photos from my first ever film shoot. I have an idea for a film shoot that I want to do, but wanted to get a little practice in first. This was a test shoot with two of my close friends.
They were taken using a Mamiya 645 1000s, with Ilford Delta 400 film, which were both kindly borrowed from my friend Nick Parker. He also developed these, so big thanks to Nick for that. 
I really thought I'd find the whole thing to be more effort than it was worth, but I was wrong. In the end I did go and get my digital, but that was because the colours that day were so nice and I didn't want to miss out. Saying that, I actually enjoyed using the Mamiya more.
Definitely going to continue shooting film when I can.



My good friend and model, Mike, came with us.

This shot was accidental, hence the bizarre angle. By chance it was in focus, though, and I do kinda like it, so thought I would post.


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  1. Very nice pictures :)! The 3rd one is my favorit from this shot.