Friday, 22 June 2012

Emily: film test

This is only my second ever film shoot but already I can feel myself becoming addicted to it.
These were more of a test run since it was my first time shooting with the Nikon F801-S that my friend Nick has kindly donated me. Obviously it works a little differently to my d7000, so I kept all the shots relatively simplistic... but with the atmosphere the mist up on the mountain created, I think they suit being rather straightforward anyway.

I took my digital with me as well as my friend Tamara was joining us on the shoot and I knew we'd end up bouncing ideas off each other, and if I only had 24 film frames I end up kicking myself, so the digitals will be up on the next post. But for now...

(ps the film is Kodak colorplus film from the poundshop!)



  1. Really nice work, I am trying to get back into film shooting and developing myself.
    What lens did you use for this shoot?