Friday, 20 May 2011

Latest shop work

Now that Uni has finished for the summer, I'm looking to gain exposure and experience through working for shops. I want to work alongside a number of local shops before aiming for some kind of larger chain store.

I've previously done some pictures for DAIS Boutique in Huddersfield, and on Tuesday I just shot some t-shirts by designer Benaiah Matheson. His shop is called The Connoisseurs Independent Trading Post (aka The CITP) and is situated in the Byram Arcade in Huddersfield. He is going to pick his favourites from the pictures below and use them for his page on the ASOS marketplace website which I'm pretty excited about! 

B wanted both a male and a female so I chose the lovely Grace who I've been meaning to shoot again for ages. We did a test shoot back in October but never actually got round to shooting properly as I decided I no longer liked the idea I'd set aside for her. Benaiah also picked Mike who I've shot 3 times before. Mike seems a really popular choice with the shop owners I've spoken to so far, consistently being someone they pick out.

I had a quick look on the ASOS marketplace site the day before the shoot and found most of the existing pictures on there were relatively basic and were there to show customers clearly what the clothes were like, as opposed to being groundbreaking pictures as such. So I decided to keep them rather simple and besides, we had to make sure the writing on the tees could be read, which prevented us from being too adventurous. 

The pictures should be on ASOS hopefully by tomorrow, so I'll be sure to link you and I'll be screenshotting the site for my 'exposure' album as well.
Anyway, hope you like.

And here's some of the man himself, Mr Benaiah Matheson. He prints his signature pattern individually on every bag, and hand writes the shop's name. 

We also got to keep a tee each after the shoot! 

If you would like to see more of Benaiah and The CITP, you can check them out on Facebook @


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