Saturday, 7 May 2011

Shooting in Blackpool

So earlier this week I left the Isle of Man again and had been staying at my dad's house in Blackpool for a few days.

    I took this first pic while out on a walk with one of my close friends the evening before I left. 
We were just wandering really, and I looked up to notice this. Glad I had my camera with me.
As always, the sun glare is genuine.

Here's another taken a few minutes later. Obviously just an off-the-cuff shot but I put it on Flickr and people seemed to like it, notably the light in his hair and the 'rainbow glare' on his back.

A quick one I took of our cat whilst waiting for Lewis to get ready.

This week I shot on Tuesday evening and twice throughout the day on Wednesday. This is my cousin Lewis, who is an aspiring footballer travelling the UK and playing for various clubs. He is staying at my dads this week so we finally got to shoot after months of waiting. The beach pictures were taken by Central Pier on Tuesday. 

Lew actually gets comparisons to rapper Chipmunk a LOT! We decided to prank my Facebook friends with the below picture, claiming I'd shot 'munk himself. We had a good laugh at the response! Maybe one day :)

My personal favourite:

These are from Wednesday. We went for a walk throughout the back streets 
of Blackpool to see what we could find.

A little extra from when I was editing. Lew's eyes were watering so badly from hayfever. Apparently this helps contain it... I asked no questions!

There are actually many more pictures than this but I figured 30+ was enough!

I've got a busy week ahead with revision (English Language degrees are fun) but as of next Thursday my summer begins and I've got a whole host of new models to shoot with. I'm also going to be planning my short film through may and shooting it across summer! Every time I go to revise, more ideas seem to come to me.

Oh, and my behind-the-scenes video is not so far off. I've been filming a little at every shoot since I got my new camera. It's not a big project, but I'm going to make a montage with the clips just to show everyone the type of things that go on at shoots :)

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