Thursday, 8 September 2011

At the Mines: The disposables

For this shoot I decided to do something I'd been meaning to do for the longest time, and get involved with using disposables. A lot've people hold the opinion that a great photographer is resourceful and thinks about the image in front of their eyes, as opposed to someone with the mindset of "I can fix that in Photoshop later," so with these images that's exactly what you get. All of them are straight from the £3 disposable camera they were taken on.

I love the gritty, grainy and generally poor quality of disposables as well as the colour. The way these have turned out has inspired me to - finally - start using disposables more, so watch this space. I've even set up a folder for them on my site, which I'll be adding to later. Take a look, near the bottom:

For now, this was mostly just me trying it out and seeing how the results turned out, so don't take them too seriously; besides, the majority are just off-the-cuff shots as we were walking.

Having said that, I do love this one, below. I can't believe it came up so well, the colours and
contrast I think are brilliant.

The walk back up. The mine we shot at is sunken below the gravel you can see at the left of the photo.

Many breaks were had, it has to be said!

Had to crop this one, as the picture has seemingly malfunctioned. The print version is fine, but a couple of the photos on the CD are useless. Boots photo lab you have an unhappy customer coming your way...

... a killer!


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  1. i do agree, i love so much the color and the grain of this disposable camera!! great great!!! definitly to use more in the future :) can't wait to see other pictures!!