Wednesday, 7 September 2011

At the Mines

Meet my unconventional models. This summer there were a few new things I wanted to try, including some (hopefully unexpected) new models. I'm no expert of the fashion world (in fact I've never bought any kind've fashion magazine in my life) but what I do know is that tattoos are generally looked down upon in the industry. That seems stupid to me and I hate that the rules are so strict in the real modelling world. I love shooting with different people all of the time and adore the whole vibe of both the models in this shoot - hope you do too.

The location this time is a sunken mine, tucked in beneath the only mountain on the Isle of Man. It's a fair walk down there from the mountain road but to me this place was perfect for the whole idea. It is dominated by concrete, with gritty gravel slopes and deserted stone ruins.

A couple from the walk back up. A near vertical hill that must've taken the best part of an hour to climb. 
They now hate me, I'm sure of it.

I also took a few pictures on a disposable at this shoot. It's being developed right now and I'll post the pictures over the next few days if they turn out alright!

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