Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Cyprus: A Photo Diary - Part 1

I documented the most part of our recent trip to Cyprus. It's going to be coming in installments over the next few days - enjoy.

Dad checking over the marital documents in the car. 

Waiting in the Exec. lounge. 

A passing shot of the airfield and passengers. On the way to check in.

In the clouds. 


Picked up a fashion and photography magazine for the first time ever. Some reading for the plane. 

Mountains. I didn't catch their name. 

 And from afar. The sky up there is wonderful.

Stepping out onto the balcony for the first time. The view from our room of Aphrodite Avenue. The fields across the road are where I went on to shoot Roxanne.

The sky before bedtime. We arrived late and everybody is tired. The first night is over.

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