Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Cyprus Shoot #1

As most of you know by now, I've recently taken a trip to Cyprus. Despite being primarily for dad's wedding, there was absolutely no way I was going to let an opportunity like this pass by. 
From the night we arrived, I was on model scouting duties. To be honest, if I was to find a model I expected it to be another holidaymaker, but neither of the two I ended up asking were.
Both were employees at the hotel we were staying at. The first - featured in this blog post - is Emil. He is originally from Romania but is now one of the lifeguards at the hotel. He is soon to join the entertainment staff as an outlet of showcasing his breakdancing skills, as he was also part of a team that won a national competition.
I'm quite proud of myself for going up and asking him. The last time I asked somebody in person was at a fashion show in Leeds in May 2010! But these days I feel a lot more confident and comfortable about doing so, and it really wasn't as nervewrecking as you'd think. I just explained that I was into photography back home in the UK, and that I wanted to make the most of it whilst I was out there. He was happy to oblige and we made plans to shoot 2 days later.
We only had around 20 minutes to shoot these, as he only got off work at 6pm, and sundown was around 6.30. It's a shame because it usually takes that long for a shoot to really get going, but I like the results.
It's great to finally work with people from a different backgrounds. It's kinda given me the travel bug... think I want to move around and photograph all over the world some day, money permitting.


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